Brad Civic is an artist/welder/fabricator from the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio. He has been a tinkerer and maker of things since he was old enough to use tools.  Brad went into auto-mechanics in high school hoping to become a mechanic and wound up in welding class looking for a new challenge.  Welding was something that opened up many creative possibilities for working with metal, cars and whatever else his mind could conceive. After high school he attended Wyotech, a school for automotive, hot rod fabrication, and chassis/ roll cage fabrication.  Brad finally had some of the experience and skills necessary to do work in any number of fields. He found jobs welding stainless exhaust, working on cars as a mechanic, and even restoring vintage Rolls Royces before settling for a job as a tig welder at a factory.  Although the work was monotonous it offered him the practice it takes to master a fine skill like tig welding.  It couldn't hold his attention forever and after 2 years he had had enough of the factory routine and found a job at small welding company called Aircraft Welding. Working at Aircraft offered him a chance to hone his skills on the many things that came through the door. He also gained experience with many different types of metal both common and exotic, and one on one training with the 30+ year Master welder. While welding all day Brad was collecting tools and equipment for his own basement workshop to do his own work at night.  With his small shop brad was able to make the art he had been envisioning and opened up a creative flow that had been stifled.

Although Aircraft welding was great experience and steady work Brad needed more time to work creatively and take on new opportunities. Brad has also connected with Mike Miller of Imax Industries in Painesville, OH who has helped on many of his projects with design ideas. He currently rents a studio workshop inside Imax and works on all of his work there, along with sculptures for other artists and whatever weld work comes in.